Monday, March 11, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like March Madness!

I love July because it's my birthday month.

I love December because of Christmas and holiday cheer.

But I LOVE March because of March Madness.  And Spring Break.  Since March Madness usually starts at the same time as Spring Break does around here, I get a nice bundle of fun all at once!

My students all know what a huge Kansas Jayhawk fan I am and how excited I am when my team wins, so I try to keep a basketball theme going throughout the classroom during this wonderful month.  I decided this year to try to incorporate the activities we do into one collection to share with other teachers (hey, I don't want to be the only one celebrating March Madness!).  I loved working on this packet and cannot wait to share it with my little ones this week!  Click any of the activities below or click here to get your own packet of March Madness FUN!

Students can "play" basketball and sort the basketball cards onto the even and odd sides of the court.  Once they have sorted the cards, they record their answers on the printout that is included in this packet.

There are 14 pairs of compound words in this memory game.  Students can play by traditional Memory Game rules or these cards could even be used as flashcards in a small group.

These worksheets are fun ways to practice greater than/less than and ABC order.  I find that these activities are PERFECT for morning bell work!

To share some of my love, I have taken this activity sheet from my March Madness packet to share with you as a FREEBIE!  Click here or click the picture to download your freebie and enjoy!


  1. Such a fun idea. Thanks for sharing!