Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Cleaning and a Bucket List

Ah, what a happy first day of spring!!  Ok, so the weather didn't quite get the memo that it should be absolutely perfect outside, but I still feel oh-so-wonderful on my Spring Break humpday.

I've had a wonderful time of fun and relaxation on my break so far:  a trip to see college friends, my brother coming for a visit, actually sitting down to drink my coffee instead of sips in between helping students, and being able to stay up like a real adult (I forgot how funny Friends was!).  But today was earmarked to be different.  Today was Cleaning The Classroom Day.

I know, it's spring break and I should stay away from school.  The problem is, this classroom of mine has become a bit of a stressor.  When I moved into my classroom, I was blessed to have it completely stocked:  books, guided reading ideas, teacher idea books, recess games and more.  I was one lucky lady!  However, as I've started collecting my own resources that work best for my teaching style and as we all start to shift to Common Core, I've noticed that these resources I inherited were only collecting dust.  I had to cut the apron strings and donate them to storage or other teachers they might be better suited for.  I worked for a loooong while in my classroom today and WOW!  I feel SO much better now!  Not only does my room look even better than when I first moved in, but I feel organized and ready to finish the year strong.  Not to mention it's one less thing to do this summer...  (whoever said teachers only work nine months?)

Here is a question though:  Last year, I snagged a spiffy drawer unit like this one on a great sale. 

I love it and oh, the ideas of what I can do with it!  Unfortunately, I just can't figure out what it's best purpose is.  Currently I have some guided literacy activities in there...and that only takes up two drawers.  Does anyone have an awesome idea of what I can do with this?  I definitely don't want to part with it, but right now it's just taking up some space.

While my Spring Break is halfway over...wait, I mean it's only halfway beginning... I still have a bucket list!  Here is what I want to accomplish over the next few days:

1.  De-clutter my classroom and organize!  (I maaaay like to add things to lists just to cross them off...)

2.  Turn my spare bedroom into a lovely guest suite.  I moved in August.  August, ya'll.  The tax season for teachers.  I apparently only had enough energy to move in and unpack everything else, but that spare room is still so...blah.  Time to decorate!

3.  Go to a few classes at the Y.  I love group classes (so motivating!) and honestly, it's so much better during the daytime hours when they aren't quite as full.  I like to move around!

4.  Cheer on my Jayhawks Friday night!  Rock Chalk!

5.  Spend time with family.  I love that I live close enough to my family that I can see them fairly easily.  That being said, it's hard to juggle after a long day of teaching.  Now that I have some time, I hope to be able to not worry about a schedule and just catch up with the people who mean the most.

6.  Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.  And I mean EVERY night.  I love these breaks because I feel so rested after.  So far, I'm rockin' with this goal. :)

Tell me what you're up to over Spring Break! Link up here :) 



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