Wednesday, April 3, 2013

hOW'd You Like A Freebie? Find OUt here!

See what I did there?  Yes, I'm emphasizing -ow and -ou words in this post and no, I'm not a teenage girl on AIM :)

This week and next, I'll be teaching my students about words with the -ow and -ou sounds.  I'm sure many of you teach in districts that are transitioning into Common Core and if you're like me, you're also getting a new report card to go with it.  I have been working to create literacy activities that can help me assess in small groups through activities and see exactly how students are learning while still collecting the necessary data for our standards-based report card.  Here is a sample of what my kiddos and I have been having fun with this week!  Click here to snag it and download a preview on TPT.

Posters for both -ou and -ow words

I tell ya, having posters displayed as we learn new letter/sound combinations is so helpful for my kiddos that need visual reminders.  I use these posters to introduce the sounds and hang them near my word wall for the students to reference.  I think seeing the -ou and -ow in big, bold letters on the poster also helps them remember the sound as they are reading other texts.

Word Sort and Recording Sheet


I am obsessed with this game!  You might recognize it as "Bang!" or "Pop!" but I used the word MOO! to fit the theme.  My students absolutely LOVE this game and it is incredibly easy to differentiate.  I can have some of my babies that need extra attention work on only a few cards at a time, or I can have my students that need more of a challenge play the game and use the word in a sentence.  Meanwhile, what none of the students know is I'm gathering some wonderful data for their report cards!  Muah-ha-ha!

Write the Room and Recording Sheet

Memory Game Cards

A classic, but a keeper!  My kiddos love playing Memory with our sound skill of the week.  I use this game as an option for my early finishers and they choose this over the iPad most days! 

 And nOW I have two freebies for you that go along with my Cows Out on the Town unit!  Click here to download, or visit my TPT store for the entire unit.

Hope you guys enjoyed previewing my newest creation!

 peace OUt nOW,


  1. What a cute unit! Love it!

  2. I just taught these two weeks ago. Your freebies will be a great check up for my kiddos! Thanks!!
    Fluttering In First

    1. Aw, so glad you already have a use for them! Thanks for stopping by! :)