Monday, April 15, 2013

Skittles Game

I'm linking up again with Flying Into First Grade's "Let's Get Acquainted" Linky Party!  This week we are playing the Skittles Game.  It goes a little something like this:

TOPIC - Skittles Game
Here is the code:
Red- Favorite Ice Cream Flavor
Orange- Favorite Memory from College
Yellow- Favorite Sports Team
Green- Favorite Fast Food Place
Purple- Wild Card(Tell anything about yourself)

Red: My favorite Ice Cream Flavor?? That's like picking a favorite child!  I love all ice cream and I seriously have some nearly every night.  If I have to choose though, I'd say mint chocolate chip.  It's so yummy and refreshing!

Orange:  Favorite Memory from College
My senior year of college, my beloved Jayhawks won the Orange Bowl in football and the National Championship in basketball!  I also lived in a house with six other sorority sisters and we felt like the world was ours.  It was definitely a great year, and I'd have to say the National Championship goes down as one of the best memories of my life. 

Celebrating on the popular Mass Street in downtown Lawrence
after our basketball team beat Memphis in overtime for the win!

Yellow:  My favorite college sports team is obviously my Kansas Jayhawks!  I love all things crimson and blue and I think the Jayhawk is just adorable.  If you're talking about a pro team, I was also a born and raised Dallas Cowboy Fan.  If you question whether or not I'm an optimist or not, look at the Cowboys' season and the heartbreak they put us through and the fact that I'm still a diehard fan.  You'll see lots of optimism :)
When I was at Cowboys Stadium a few weeks ago, someone had stuck a Jayhawk sticker next to a picture of a Cowboys hat so I had to snap a pic.  It was the best of my sports coming together!

Green:  Favorite fast food...hmm, this is a toughie!  I honestly don't eat a lot of fast food, but I have to admit that Chick-Fil-A is hard to pass up!  Gimme some of that Chick-Fil-A sauce and an oreo shake, please!

Purple:  Ah!  I feel like I'm on the spot to think of something super interesting to share here!  Today I met with my first grade team and we planned our final field trip of the year to the Humane Society.  We thought this would be a wonderful way to continue our Character Trait lessons about caring, responsibility, trustworthiness, citizenship and respect, not to mention kiddos love animals!  I'm so excited to go on this field trip and see all the sweet animals.  I have a soft spot for rescuing animals.  After all, my baby was a humane society kitty once :)


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